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Outset Srl with more than twenty years of experience is the ideal partner for the most modern on-board weighing and TPMS devices for commercial vehicles, earthmoving machines, mining and logistic vehicles granting a precise and efficient weighing while loading and a continuous monitoring of the tire pressure and temperature.

With Ouset accuracy and safety always on board!

Accuracy and safety always on board!

At SaMoTer the company based in Vicenza (Northern Italy) will introduce the new range of technologically advanced devices compliant with Industry 4.0 - Vision Evolution 4.0 and TPMS 4.0 - that optimize loads and allow to payload within the law limits avoiding vehicles overload and always keeping the pressure and temperature of all tires under control.

Vision Evolution by Outset - On-board weighing system

TPMS by Outset Srl

Industry 4.0 arises from the fourth industrial revolution, the process by which fully automated and interconnected industrial production makes use of machines that dialogue with each other and carry out self-diagnostics and preventive maintenance.

All weighing and tire condition data can be transmitted via GPS / telematics or printed reports to ensure the continuous updating and management of the loading process and the tire monitoring activity.


Today, Outset operates in Europe and in many other Countries and makes constant, significant investments in R&D to improve its products and develop new, innovative instruments that incorporate the best new technology while maintaining its main distinguishing user friendly characteristic.

Outset has an extensive network of authorized sales and intends to continuously expand them by searching new partners all over the world.

Outset Srl at SaMoTer

The Outset team is at your complete disposal for any further information.


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