A new platform for discussion and meetings between stakeholders in the sector: companies, professionals, institutions and the world of research.


At a time when the market is responding positively, the value chain is called upon as a whole to reflect on these two issues. New technologies mean that companies in the construction sector are not only more innovative and more competitive but also more sustainable. Innovation is equally an essential tool in creating a healthy and safe working environment. 


  • sensors 
  • remote detection and positioning devices diagnostic tools 
  • solutions for predictive machinery maintenance 
  • solutions and technologies to improve process efficiency 
  • solutions and software for safe management of the most hazardous jobs 
  • bim software 
  • fleet management systems 
  • drones 
  • solutions and technologies for decarbonization processes 
  • software for data management and interoperability between different systems 
  • intelligent machines and technological platforms for human-to-machine (h2m) and machine-to- machine (m2m) interaction 
  • low-emission hybrid
    and energy efficient machinery 
  • electric machines for work in urban areas 


SaMoTer Lab enjoys a special position

Located inside Hall 12 - and consequently in front of the main entrance - SaMoTer Lab is characterized by a customised set-up and a smart format: the exhibition presence of every company is in fact conceived in accordance with a tailor-made model.

Space for content and training: informative webinars and appointments during the trade fair

The construction sector is experiencing a period of transformation that requires training and updating not only for customers using machinery and technologies but also for machine-builders themselves. Comparisons focusing on innovation, environmental and economic sustainability, automation, digitalisation, safety, efficiency, de-carbonisation and policy are by now essential.


Thanks to the collaboration of SaMoTer's historic partners, SaMoTer Lab is organising webinars covering the following topics:

  • electric, hydrogen and hybrid: a zero-emission sector
  • innovation for safety in the workplace
  • digitization of company processes
  • decarbonization and the construction world
  • innovation, training and green: new business paradigms


Alongside the official schedule, SaMoTer Lab will also be a venue for training. Exhibitors themselves will have the chance to use this stage to organise:

  • workshops or academy meetings
  • trade events for product innovations
  • stages of their own company roadshows

5 days of innovation, sharing, study and comparison within a new exhibition format

SaMoTer Lab ensures high communicative quality, prestigious visibility, promotion and association of the brand with the world of applied innovation. 

  • ready-to-use stands of various sizes with coordinated design
  • 4 larger spaces located in strategic points around the area
  • external areas where dynamic tests can be organised
  • exhibition area ensures spatial continuity with the workshop rooms and the networking areas
  • workshop rooms where training courses, meetings, round tables can be organised