A workbench for analysing solid contamination of components already won the highest Italian entry for the European Horizon 2020 call for SME innovation

A new cleanliness era is coming

Clean Cabinet by Oilsafe Srl is one of the winners of the SaMoTer Innovation Award in the “INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS” category for efficiency, economy and reduced environmental impact in cleaning hydraulic systems during earth-moving machinery construction stages as well as for routine and special maintenance operations.


Clean Cabinet extracts and analyses contaminants in mechanical components, and for the first time combines a contaminant extract washing unit and integrated image evaluation system in a single machine.
The system can independently issue certificates in conformity with ISO 16232/VDA 19 standards.

Clean Cabinet is unique and highly advantageous:

  1. a clean room laboratory is not needed
  2. a specialist operator is not required
  3. integration with a view to Industry 4.0

Clean Cabinet by Oilsafe

Clean Cabinet and all the sales staff at OilSafe look forward to meeting you at SaMoTer in Hall 6 stand C7 (21-25 March).


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