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Diesel is the only European magazine dealing with every aspect of development, manufacturing and use of diesel engines in all industrial and automotive applications. In specific sections, Diesel also analyses the evolution of other types of specific OEM engine: such as petrol, gas, hydrogen, electrical, turbines and so on.
Various application sectors are analyzed in depth through ‘tailor made’ studies: from low power installations to massive thermoelectric power stations, from naval propulsion to static or dynamic installations in industrial, agricultural, earthmoving and construction or transport sectors. One of the most special features of Diesel magazine are the reviews based on specifications or applications of world-world engine production. Every issue of Diesel presents at least one comparison among harmonized engines (in relation to performance and use). The main benchmarks used have been developed by the magazine’s own team of experts.
Powertrains, energy generation, the automotive world in its multiple aspects complete the framework covered by Diesel.
Subscribers include many people who already regularly read Trattori, Autobus or Vado e Torno (the other magazines from the publishing house), for in-depth technical analysis of engines.




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