Binder extraction by solvent is probably one of the most common tests performed in an asphalt laboratory

Closed-loop automatic solvent extractors are now more readily available, further increasing the popularity of this method.

Automatic solvent extractors separate and calculate the binder content in an asphalt mix in an accurate, fast and safe way, thanks to its fully sealed technology. This environmentally friendly solution emits no solvent in the laboratory and makes it possible to recycle 99% of the solvent after the extraction.

IPC Global, the advanced pavements testing division of CONTROLS Group, has just released two e-books about the automatic solvent extractor PAVELAB50 PaveAnalyzer.

IPC Global releases two white papers on automatic solvent extraction with PAVELAB50 PaveAnalyzer

The first e-book of the series is a white paper that states the case for automated asphalt extraction. It shows how this method can be used for quality control, quality assurance, acceptance criteria and research activities.

The second e-book is a study carried out by IPC Global demonstrating how operator variables have a minimal impact on test results when using an automated extraction PaveAnalyzer.

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