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Macchine Edili


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Macchine Edili deals with all machines and equipment used in construction sites.
In its dedicated sections, it covers earth moving machines and equipment, road works, quarry applications, lifting, packaging, transport and laying concrete, demolition and drilling, including topics dealing with components and new technologies.
It is aimed at trade operators, persons in charge of purchasing and managing a company’s fleet of machines, repair and maintenance workshops, rental centres, and licensees of building machines and equipment. The magazine also deals with the services offered to companies: distribution, post-sales, second-hand, financing. One of its defining features are the operators employed for field tests. Macchine Edili is the only magazine which uses professionals to carry out quarry and construction site tests. In addition, the articles with the most remarkable content (applications and tests) are enriched with extra multimedia content (photo galleries and videos), with interviews from product specialists and on-site comments from our operators.
The magazine enjoys the benefits from the dynamics and visibility of, a portal to quickly spread news and last minute reports and to keep readers continually updated, not only with email and photos but also with videos taken by our editing staff. Lastly, Macchine Edili is joined by the quarterly newsletter.


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