A technologically advanced and updated training material through analysis of the IPAF accident database

IPAF, the International Powered Access Federation, has the primary objective among its many activities of promoting the safe use of means of overhead access. Having developed the world’s most widely-recognised training programme for safe use Overhead Work Platforms (OWP), acknowledged as an outstanding product in every country where IPAF operates through its authorised training centres, is the core around which most IPAF initiatives revolve.

Closely linked to the annual update of the contents of the training programme is the implementation of an accident database which can be used to analyse, know and fully understand negative episodes involving the use of mobile means of overhead access. The database is available on the website www.ipaf.org and offers the possibility of making anonymous reports notifying accidents since personal privacy is fully protected.
IPAF publishes these results at regular intervals; they are then shared and promoted on the overhead platform market through publications and dedicated events.
The results obtained helped focus the Federation’s activities on those elements that, more than others, have proved to be crucial in the event of accidents, first and foremost the training concept, which as of next month will take a huge step forward. After two years of research, tests and major investments, the new materials learning are now ready to ensure flexibility and interactivity, while of course retaining the quality and importance of practical training. With these new educational tools, the Federation aims to support its instructors by enhancing their skills and professional expertise as well as providing them with innovative solutions in terms of technology.


OWP operators requiring training will consequently have the chance to complete the theoretical part of the course through an innovative interactive on-line e-learning module they can navigate whenever they wish and wherever they are, using any device and at their own pace. Others attending the “conventional” theoretical course – held and guided by an IPAF instructor in a classroom – can still enjoy the same advanced graphics, new animations and learning techniques by continuing to interact with the instructor and other students. All operators, whether they complete the first part of the course through the e-learning module or in the classroom, will still have to take a theory examination at an active IPAF Training Centre in order to then access the practical course and its practical test, also held by an IPAF instructor. On passing this test, operators will receive a Smart PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) with a microchips as proof of their specialised training.


In its vision and operator training programme, IPAF does not change the focus on practical training – only those participants who pass a theory and practical exams receive the PAL Card – as well as the ‘central status’ of the Training Centre as the true face of IPAF in the local area.


In the firm belief that SaMoTer is central to the development of the construction machinery market in Italy, IPAF will attend the event with several important initiatives, precisely including the completion, through the practical test that visitors can watch live in the “IPAF Safety Square”, of the first PAL licenses where the theoretical part was conducted by means of e-learning, thanks not the least promotions that will be set in motion in late 2016.


Source: IPAF - International Powered Access Federation


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