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“Strade & Autostrade” is aimed at contractors, procuring entities of public road, motorway, airport, port and interport works, with respect for the environment. Each number includes technical articles dedicated to research, roadworks, construction and maintenance of the infastructures, asphalt plants, road and earth-moving machinery, equipment, systems, materials, safety, road and traffic management, ITS and smart roads, transport and services, interviews to national and international personalities of the sector.
Carried out by a group of experts and supported by a scientific committee for the sections dedicated to Tunnel and Underground Works, Bridges and Viaducts, Ports and Waterways, Legislation, Road Machinery, Safety, Environment, Materials and Technologies, “Strade & Autostrade” takes advantage of the collaboration of prominent university lecturers, specialists and qualified technicians of private companies and public authorities, accredited associations and procuring entities: AIIT (traffic and transport engineering), AIPSS (road safety), AISCAT (Italian Association of Motorways and Tunnels Concessionaires), AISES (road signs and circulation safety), AITEC (concrete), ANAS (Italian company for the National Roads), ASIT (transport), Assosegnaletica (road markings), DISS (road safety), ERF (European Union Road Federation), Fastigi (tunnels), IRF (International Road Federation), LASS3 (road safety), SIIV (road infrastructures), SITEB (asphalts), Tunnelbuilder (online magazine on the tunnelling industry), TTS Italia (telematics, transport and safety), UNI (Italian National Agency of Unification).
“Strade & Autostrade” is published in six printed issues per year, each with a thematic focus, accompanied by the web version “Strade & Autostrade online”, update every day with news on the infrastructure world, and a monthly newsletter.


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