Kiwitron designs, develops and distributes high-tech solutions to bring efficiency, safety and sustainability to companies.

The digitization and optimization of business processes are the corporate mission, achieved thanks to the integration of hardware, software, robotics, automation and AI
Kiwitron believes in people: this is why each individual is chosen not only for their knowledge, but also and above all for their values.
Values to be shared with the community: in fact, the company offers training courses to its customers and end customers.
In 4 years, the Bologna-based company has become one of the main players in the field, reaching a turnover of 16 million euros, employing 80 people and opening a foreign office.
Kiwitron works every day to make workplaces more efficient and safer. Each solution is born and grows within the Sasso Marconi headquarters, from development to production, to shipping, guaranteeing direct contact to the customer.
KiwiEye is the patented system with artificial intelligence to select obstacles and avoid collisions, able to detect pedestrians, vehicles, objects and codes without the aid of pedestrian tags, up to 25 meters with centimeter-precision, reducing false alarms and optimizing costs.
KiwiEye is made of aluminum: resistant to impacts, high temperatures and water.
KiwiPad is the first display, suitable for any kind of industrial vehicle.

Developed and produced by Kiwitron with the most cutting-edge technologies, it allows to check all the vehicle functions on a single display: customizable interface, integration with third-party software, compatibility with all Kiwitron products and other commercial cameras.
It is more resistant than normal displays on the market and more performing, thanks to the integration of hardware and software.