A unique boom concept for enhanced performance

With the addition of the new ViO80-2PB model, the portfolio of products of the Japanese manufacturer in the 8-12 tonnes category today allows users to find the equipment best suited for their business.
Zero- or low-offset, articulated or standard boom: Yanmar now offers 7 models meeting the requirements of all types of applications (construction, landscaping, earthmoving, levelling, demolition, highways, and more).

Compact excavator range by Yanmar

Unlimited working comfort

The ViO80-2PB midi-excavator enjoy the unparalleled experience of Yanmar in the development of zero-offset excavators. Since the introduction of the ViO concept in 1995, Yanmar has remained Number 1 in the design of the most compact excavators.
The two new Yanmar midi-excavators enable users to work peacefully, particularly in urban areas where space is very restricted.
By placing the operator at the heart of our design, Yanmar has developed the concept of “Universal Design”, which emphasises ergonomics. By offering more legroom, this design improves operator comfort and safety. The operator has an ergonomic environment with excellent visibility and exceptional security. The cabin shape offers optimal 360° visibility to enhance on-site safety and improve efficiency. The air suspension seat offers many adjustment settings in order to provide an optimal working position.

Yanmar excavator VIO80-2PB

Innovative engine, optimal usage costs

The ViO80-2PB midi-excavator is equipped with a Yanmar 4TNV98C-WBV1 engine, the result of continuous efforts to achieve technical mastery in fuel consumption and emissions. With this new midi-excavator, Yanmar has prioritised environmental concerns and fuel savings.

They benefit from the latest state-of-the-art technology developed by the world's top industrial diesel engines manufacturer. The TNV engine of 55.6 HP is equipped with a direct-injection Common Rail system. The fuel injection is controlled and customised by the electronic control unit, guaranteeing cleaner burning of the fuel and optimal engine operating conditions. The cooled exhaust gas recirculation system significantly reduces nitrogen oxides, and the diesel particulate filter reduces polluting emissions.

In addition, Yanmar has successfully developed an exclusive regeneration system to prevent downtime related to clogging and cleaning.
An electronic control unit manages the speed according to torque, thus optimising engine load. This enables fuel savings while improving equipment productivity. Fuel consumption is further reduced by the automatic deceleration system, which allows the engine to idle if the operator does not touch the operating levers for 4 seconds, and the Eco mode, which effectively controls engine speed, especially when a work cycle requires little power and low travel speed.


ViPPS hydraulic system for optimal performance

The ViO80-2PB uses a ViPPS hydraulic system. This configuration uses 1 double, variable displacement, piston pump and 2 gear pumps. The 3 main pumps totalize a maximum flow of 193,8 l/min, available for main machine operating movements. The flows of these pumps are cumulated in the Main Control Valves, according to the ViPPS system, to obtain the optimal combination in terms of speed, power, smoothness and balance. This system offers the operator greater ease of use while reducing hydraulic pressure loss, even during combined arm and boom operations. This enables you to perform all operations smoothly and simultaneously.

Yanmar excavator VIO80-2PB

A variable-length boom with a unique design

The variable-length boom of the ViO80-2PB significantly improves the performance of the engine, particularly when lifting, moving, and positioning loads.
The additional articulation of the boom improves the manoeuvrability and the ability to place loads with precision.

Yanmar has decided to reverse the articulation cylinder of the boom. Combined with the high pressure at which the ViO80-2PB variable boom works, this provides an excellent pull-out force to the equipment. The orientation of the articulation cylinder of boom makes it possible to raise the boom more quickly and to lower it more slowly, which is optimal for the positioning of the loads.
The ViO80-2PB is equipped with a single cylinder mounted at the top of the boom. This configuration provides total protection of the cylinder and reduces the risk of damage. Daily maintenance is also made easier with a reduction in the number of lubrication points by approximately 50%. This allows a reduction in the total cost of ownership by approximately 50%. In addition, the use of a single cylinder mounted on top of the boom also allows you to divide the dead weight by nearly 50%, which improves the stability of the machine. The refined design of the boom also offers some of the best visibility on the market.

The Yanmar team is at your complete disposal for any further information.


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