For this event, the launch of the new mini tracked paver F180T and innovative configurations on the small- and medium-sized models F175 and F220T, with 100% Italian design and production

With a solid background in the production of highly complex metal parts for road, earthmoving and construction machines, built up in over forty years of activity, CM Srl has also taken a leading position as an Italian manufacturer of small- and medium-sized pavers that, on the occasion of Asphaltica, is reconfirmed by the launch of the new mini tracked paver F180T.

The mini tracked paver F180T

The need to speed up work execution and to optimize manpower is a daily challenge for any road construction company but, until now, difficult to achieve in narrow, uneven and steep jobsites as those you have in small historical centres in Italy and abroad. The tracked arrangement of the small paver F180T provides the solution since it gives the machine unrivalled stability and traction, with consequent benefits to the screed flotation and the spread quality.

The vibrating screed S175V, hydraulically extendable from 80 to 135 cm, can be coupled with mechanical extensions and reduction plates, to cover an overall spread range from 25 to 180 cm; four adjusting units also enable 'M'- or 'W'-shaped paving profiles. As a result, sidewalks, cycle paths and the restoration of service trenches, such as those for optical fibre networks, certainly represent the jobsites where the F180T can show its potential to the maximum.

CM Srl - Mini tracked paver F180T

A water-cooled, two-cylinder, 10.5 kW Yanmar engine powers all the utilities, keeping consumptions and noise emissions to a minimum; in combination with a 16 l tank, a full day's autonomy at work is ensured. The driver's station, on a cushioned footboard, is ergonomic and equipped with a technological but user-friendly control panel, including a speed potentiometer and a steering wheel with an electronic potentiometer allowing a progressive and controlled steering. The user's comfort is also enhanced by hydraulic controls within easy reach, through which any adjustment, e.g. the spread thickness, can be made.

In addition, road construction companies will take great economic advantage from the little maintenance required by the machine and from the easy interventions that even unqualified personnel can carry out: these are, for example, the replacement of the control panel switches and the single smoothing plates, instead of the whole screed, in case of worn parts.


The “Road Circulation Kit” of the small wheeled paver F175

The F175, the firstborn of CM-branded pavers, has revolutionized work in road construction sites, allowing operators to use a paver also where asphalt had always been spread by hand, causing major difficulties to road construction companies and considerable need of manpower.

After the first version, currently in production, CM's stand at Asphaltica will show the new available configuration, equipped with the Road Circulation Kit. Through this option, specifically designed by CM to ensure the maximum operator's safety, the F175 can be driven along public roads and operate in unfenced jobsites, in full compliance with the Traffic Code. The jobsite work efficiency is further improved, since the machine can be freely driven without additional compulsory equipment. The Road Circulation Kit is made up of the following: specific front and rear lights; a rear-view mirror to widen the operator's view; retro-reflecting elements, making the operator and the machine clearly identifiable even in low visibility condition; a licence plate holder.

CM Srl - Small wheeled paver F175

Compared to the newborn F180T, the paver F175 features instead an air-cooled, 7.6 kW Hatz engine and four wheels: two front tilting and steering wheels and two rear drive wheels give the F175 great stability during paving operations and prevent the machine from getting stuck in particularly rough jobsites. As the new model F180T, it includes: a hopper equipped with reclining wings to ease the material loading through a skid loader; the vibrating screed S175V heated by 3 gas burners with electronic safe ignition; some options such as mobile gates for conveyor belt partializing, as well as a system, patented by CM, composed of a conveyor belt and two independent control augers driven by a single motor, which perfectly distributes the material over the whole screed width.


A new Stage V engine in the tracked paver F220T

One year after its official presentation, the tracked paver F220T is ready to show a new configuration, with a latest-generation Stage V engine.

Thanks to this 45 kW Perkins engine, the F220T already meets the latest European regulations about emissions standards; therefore, to choose a F220T for a road construction company means to invest on its machine fleet with a far-sighted approach which is fundamental, today more than ever.

The reduction of consumptions, noise emissions and maintenance costs are other key features of the overall design optimization. The engine, automatically adjusting the number of turns to the power absorptions and perfectly dimensioned to the power required by all the utilities, ensures reduced fuel consumptions and low noise, with positive effects both on the management savings and on the environmental impact on site. As far as spare parts are concerned, the choice to use standard components, that can be easily found, facilitates maintenance operations and possible repairs.

The safety of the driver and of the personnel on site is further enhanced by sensors detecting when the operator is standing on the footboard and by emergency buttons, by means of which the machine is immediately stopped in case of danger, in accordance with European CE marking regulations.

CM Srl - Tracked paver F220T

The screed is still the undisputed protagonist, with a design aiming at the greatest strength, flexibility and customization freedom. The same screed, hydraulically extendable from 120 to 220 cm and with mechanical extensions and reduction plates for a spread range 50-300 cm large, can be equipped with vibration system or tamper and vibration system, and with electric or gas heating system, to let operators choose the most appropriate configuration to meet their needs.

Besides the high technological content of these pavers, all metal parts are manufactured and assembled in the metalwork and CNC machining departments of the company, ensuring that all the production phases are thoroughly checked to reach high quality standards and a product really designed and manufactured for the end users.

The pavers made by the Italian company CM will take part in the Asphaltica showcase

The CM Srl team is at your complete disposal for any further information.


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