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Vado e Torno has depth technical content, focusing dedicated on haulage companies transporting 80% of goods distributed in Italy.
It is also popular in the owner-driver sector, as well as earth moving, heavy haulage and food transport sectors. The magazine deals with all kinds of vehicle, from heavyweight trucks to the small urban delivery van.
Vado e Torno every month publishes complete and in-depth technical road tests performed over a customized 1000 km route; analyses of new models, previews components and accessories and updates operators with studies looking into running costs, as well as columns dealing with financial and tax matters.
Technical content goes hand in hand with a modern layout: colourful pages, easy-to-read articles, boxes and summaries to make reading as enjoyable and interesting as possible. Established in 1962, Vado e Torno is the leading Italian magazine dedicated to trucks and trucking. Among European magazines, Vado e Torno boasts the longest publishing history without interruption or change of name. It opened a new course for modern professional publishing by introducing journalism based on facts and investigations, as well as technical and economics analysis.


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