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Since years, Vie&Trasporti has opted for a didascalic tone, for the news-narration way taking into consideration the modern habits in reading and consultation. The magazine offers high-quality and valuable technical articles in such a way as to allow an easy and pleasant reading. Its goal is to build a strong and lasting relationship with readers. This is a demanding task since it requires exhaustive services, up-to-date inquiries, precise and accurate data. It is a specialized magazine which aims at providing what is commonly called “service information”, necessary for the business of readers / consumers / operators.
Product novelties (concerning light, heavy and quarry vehicles) are important though not prevailing. Tests are the flagship of the technical editorial staff, thanks to their accuracy and strictness. Wide space is dedicated to inquiries related, just for example, to financing issues or inefficiencies, rates and technological innovations, life on board and safety, economics and market. Current events play a major role, since being always kept updated about what happens in the world of transports, logistics and goods handling is critical to the reader. This is achieved through columns edited by experts in each subject (legal, insurance, trade-union, normative, fiscal, etc.).


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